Activities Arcana 2022

There is so much to do that listing it all would be almost impossible, but we still decided to give you an overview of some of what you can do in Arcana. Of course, this list is by far not exhaustive!

- Ax throwing

Go to the camp where the Guild of Dark Blood will teach you how to wield the axe!

- Make-up and ephemeral tattoo
The youngest will be able to take advantage of the talents of a team of professional make-up artists!

- Wield real swords

Always dreamed of learning to handle metal swords? Skerma will teach you about the Ruby Stage!

- Lots of role-playing!
Visit the Unknown Echoes or Diane Georges stand to discover all the facets of role-playing and try it yourself for an initiation or an immersive game!


- Gundam Crafting

The Tanigami stand offers the possibility of launching yourself into the Gundam universe by making your own robot!

- Game bar
From Saturday morning, the Arcana games bar will allow you to loan a board game free of charge to try it out with friends or family!

- Tales
Storytellers will settle in Arcana on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to tell fantastic stories!

- The archery
Always wanted to know how to shoot archery? The Dark Blood Guild can teach you that too!

- Lightsaber

The Saber Force Academy will give you, for a moment, the power of a lightsaber in your hands.

- Introduction to various TCGs
The Will of Neptunia Association organizes a whole series of initiations to different collectible card games at its stand.

- Unown Hunt
Head over to the Pokémon Association's booth IRL to start your hunt!

- Fantastic Arkaös Videos
Dare the green screen, go for it!

- Without forgetting our workshops!

Don't forget to take a look at the workshop area to register!