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All Japanese pastries and their benefits

All Japanese pastries and their benefits


Emma Obadina is a qualified artisan pastry chef specializing in Japanese patisserie. Take a trip straight to Japan at her stand, using traditional techniques and carefully selected ingredients. With very little sugar, her cuisine brings out the best in every ingredient. Emma Obadina offers delicious sweets, pastry classes and live demonstrations! Having become a benchmark in Japanese patisserie, she travels in France and abroad to share her knowledge at conferences on the benefits of Japanese food. She also trains individuals and professionals. By 2023, over 2,000 people had attended her training courses! Drawing on her experience, she has been elected jury member for the M.O.F. pastry competitions in Geneva. International organizer of pastry and cooking competitions! During the festival, come and watch her handcraft mochi, create her precious nerikiri and bake her famous dorayaki, marked with the traditional iron!


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