Arcana Tournaments 2022

During the festival, Arcana visitors will have the opportunity to attend and even participate in our contests and tournaments, organized in partnership with specialists! Come see the cream of our lands challenge themselves and surpass themselves in order to win an arcane cup!


Solo & Group Cosplay Contest

The art of cosplay creation is complex and full of subtleties! We will therefore be hosting a contest on our main stage to dazzle you with the creations of cosplayers ready to submit themselves to the criticism of the judges. Register to take part in this adventure and present their most beautiful creations!

The Arcana Age of Sigmar Battle 2022 !

The forces of Order and Chaos will collide again during Arcana! The fantastic world of Warhammer Fantasy will emerge in our festival for an Age of Sigmar tournament. Register your army or come and discover the tactics, strategies and modeling skills of the participants!


Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament!

Exodia, Blue-Eyes White Dragons and Black Magicians, there are cards that have passed through generations of Yu-Gi-Oh players. But it's your decks from the current meta that we suggest you bring to the tournaments that will take place in Arcana! 100 players will compete in a Duel to determine our champion!

The Arcana Bowl I !

Teams of orcs, goblins, and other fantastical creatures will battle it out on the pitch of Arcana for control of the ball. Arcana's first-ever Blood Bowl World League Tournament will see many bloodthirsty trainers battle it out for victory!

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Magic: The Gathering Tournament!

Dozens of players will face off in the Arenas of Arcana on Saturday, September 17 in the world's greatest competitive card game: Magic: The Gathering. Experience the new Dominaria United edition in the best possible way, by registering today.

Wixoss Tournament!

Discover the magnificent illustrations of this ultra-strategic trading card game recently translated from Japanese. Want to participate? Prepare your LRIGs and review your tactics: the Wixoss Arcana tournament on Saturday, September 17 promises to be intense!


Digimon Tournament!

Arcana's First-Ever Digimon Tournament Will Take Place On Monday, 19th of September in the Arena! Several dozen players will compete, but only one deck will be awarded the Arcana Cup!

Lego Tournament

Bring your selection of bricks and embark on an intense challenge: you will have 30 minutes on stage to create a sculpture of your choice on the theme of fantasy. You will then be judged by the latest Lego Masters winners: Eric and Alex.