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Want to have a booth
or organize an activity ?

First of all, thank you!

Registrations are open for Arcana 2024!

We want to thank you for choosing Arcana and for helping us make this event unforgettable for our visitors!


Booth location prices:

The base prices of the booths are:

- 1 open side: 35.- CHF per square meter.

- 2 open sides: 40.- CHF per square meter.
- 3 open sides: 43.- CHF per square meter.
- 4 open sides
: 45.- CHF per square meter

The booths of artists and authors are priced at:

- 1 open side: 25.- CHF per square meter.

- 2 open sides: 30.- CHF per square meter.
- 3 open sides: 33.- CHF per square meter.
- 4 open sides
: 35.- CHF per square meter

The booths located outside (except food-trucks) are priced at:

- 1 open side: 20.- CHF per square meter.

- 2 open sides: 25.- CHF per square meter.
- 3 open sides: 28.- CHF per square meter.
- 4 open sides
: 30.- CHF per square meter

Size of booth locations: All our outdoor areas are planned with at least 3m depth, our indoor areas vary between 6m and 2m in booth depth. 

Equipment and furniture available: We can rent tables and chairs for you and then install them on your booth area before your arrival. All booths will have access to an electrical outlet in the immediate vicinity of their location.

Exhibitor hours:

The exhibitor hours will be available here at a later date. Arcana 2024 will take place from the 13th to the 16th of September.

Important Notes:

- As an participant of Arcana, you will be required to follow the festival regulations .

- You will be asked to sign a contract which will serve as a basis in the event of disputes. The goal is to offer everyone some protection.

- We will give priority to booths offering demonstrations or activities, to those selling products created locally or by craftsmen, as well as to those whose theme is similar to that of Arcana.

Themes and areas:

Exhibitors are set up (as far as possible) in themed areas for the sake of reinforcing the immersion of our visitors.

Indoor and outdoor areas:

You can choose between indoor and outdoor spaces for your booth. If you are indoors, we will place you in a themed area based on the products you offer. Our interior spaces are fully accessible by pallet truck and are locked during closing hours.


The outdoor spaces are more varied and will be divided into different areas. The outdoor spaces are accessible by pallet truck and you can approach with your vehicle  for assembly and disassembly. The Arcana enclosure is fully closed and monitored by security personnel day and night.

Confirmation of your registration:

We have a limited amount of booths areas and priority will be given to the first people to register.
The Arcana Organizing Committee must validate each booth and we try to process requests as quickly as possible but this can take a few weeks.

Your registration is final and finalized only after receipt of your signed exhibitor contract!

Once your request has been processed, here is what may happen:

- 1. Your request is complete, we have an area for you and the committee has validated your attendance: your registration is immediately accepted and we will send you your exhibitor contract without delay to finalize it.

- 2. Your request is incomplete or we are not yet certain of being able to place your booth but the committee has accepted your request: your registration is awaiting processing before it can be definitively validated. We'll keep you posted on any issues and send you your contract as soon as everything is settled. Your booth area is pre-booked if you belong to this category but the contract may take longer to be written.

- 3. We cannot place your booth or the committee has rejected your request: your registration has been rejected and we will send you the reasons for this refusal as soon as possible.

Registration form for exhibitors and events

You are:
You wish:
Your location:
You would like a booth in:

We do our best to find the ideal location for each booth, but unfortunately we cannot accommodate all requests.

You could not have a booth in:
Equipment and furniture:

The table rental price is 25.- CHF per table. They are free for exhibitors who only sell books, artworks, prints, badges, pin's or stationery. The tables can measure up to 220cm x 80cm depending on your location. The size of 175cm x 75cm is the minimum possible size for our tables. If you require tables of a specific size (either 175cm x 75cm, 180cm x 80cm or 220cm x 80cm), please let us know in the comment field on this form. Otherwise, we will send you the exact measurements of your tables as we approach Arcana.

Thank you for your registration request!

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