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The Arcana Association

Create the convention of our dreams.


Our story

It's autumn, 2020, part of the committee - which did not exist then - finds itself in the same car. We've been friends for a long time and just got back from work at a cool event where we had a booth. We only talk about the best moments of the day and how the atmosphere during a convention is just magical. We want more of it, and we hope one day to see a fantasy festival reborn. One of us then launches the idea; what if the simplest thing wouldn't be to do it ourselves, this festival we dream of? We want fantasy, magic, we're tabletop roleplayers... we'll call it "Arcana". We laugh, we say to ourselves that it's crazy, that we're just us, but without realizing it, the idea had already become a dream.

It's almost spring, March 2021 and this crazy project is coming to life at the same time as our association. After a few hours of discussion, it's decided: Arcana will start in September in Morrens, the village where many of us were born.

The rest of the story, we owe it to all the people who believed in our project, who supported us, as much our volunteers as our sponsors, our partners and our generous donors. Our hopes for the future of Arcana are limitless: we will fight to create, little by little, the most beautiful convention in the world.

Our team

Our past events

Arcane 2021

Our phoenix took off in September 2021 in Morrens! 

Arcana was then 42 booths and more than 20 hours of shows. 

We were surprised to welcome 2,500 people over the weekend!

Arcane 2022

For this second edition, we made the bet to settle in Beausobre, in Morges, in the brand new "Cube" building and in the sports halls!

This time, we were lucky enough to welcome 111 booths, more than 60 hours of shows and 5,500 visitors!

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