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A selection of five lectures on role-playing
by Ars Ludendi


Lasers in fiction.

In science fiction, mastery of lasers is often the prerogative of the most advanced civilizations. Let's delve into the wonders of physics together, bearing in mind that realism may sometimes seem too complex, but it can also bring fun to our role-playing games.

And she opened Pandora's box.

How can we shake up our habits and dare to put storytelling at risk in role-playing?


Role-playing morphology.

A role-playing game isn't just a story or a set of rules. It's everything at once. Let's unpack what our stories are made of, so we can tell even better ones.


Telling and listening to an anecdote.

A practical guide for anyone who likes to describe their games, and for those who sometimes become the recipients of such stories.


Role-playing captain against the society of the spectacle.

Following in the footsteps of Guy Debord and the situationists, who prophetically described the advent of the society of the spectacle, let's examine what place role-playing might take in our leisure ecosystem.

Ars Ludendi is a non-profit association whose aim is to promote, explore and practice role-playing games in order to highlight their cultural, artistic, educational and academic potential. To this end, the association organizes themed parties, masterclasses, discussion circles and conferences.

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