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Cosplay contest

The art of Cosplay is a wonderful way to explore and share the worlds that amaze us so much.


Arcana wants to be able to support this incredible community of enthusiasts by organizing two competitions that will be held on the main stage of the festival.

Single person competition:

- Saturday, time to be defined

Group cosplays competition:

- Sunday, time to be defined

2019 logo juusan rougeso.png

Juusan no Hoshi - 13 étoiles en japonais - est une association à but non lucratif située en Valais dont l’objectif principal est la promotion de la culture japonaise sous ses diverses formes. Ils organisent plusieurs événements durant l'année, dont le festival Destination Tokyo. C'est dans ce cadre que les organisateurs mettent en place leurs traditionnels concours de cosplay depuis maintenant 10 ans.

Do you want to participate?

To thank you for wanting to try your luck at the Arcana 2021 cosplay contests, we are offering each participant two 3-day passes so that you can come for free and accompanied!

What else is there to gain?

For now, know that you will be able to win for each contest:

- The prize for the most beautiful cosplay
- The prize for the most unique cosplay

- The prize for the best performance

How to participate ?

Fill out the registration form !
Anyone can register as long as they are at least 13 years old.

Questions ?

Do not hesitate to write to us, we will be happy to answer you.

Inscription Cosplay

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Démarrage de la musique :

Merci pour votre inscription. À bientôt !

Formulaire Cosplay
Règlement Cosplay

Règlement du concours cosplay

Vous pouvez télécharger le règlement du concours cosplay d'Arcana 2022 en cliquant sur l'icône ici: 

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