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Stargate SG-1

Discover the Stargate with an included interactive DHD in this unique exposition which will imerse you in the Stargate SG-1 universe.

This expo will be available for all Arcana visitors during  the entire festival.

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This group of Swiss collectors come to Arcana in order to share their passion with you. Discover their universes through pieces from Weta Workshops as well as other renoun creators in a unique exposition.

This expo will be available for all Arcana visitors during  the entire festival.

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Lord of the Rings models

The Swiss artist LePtitSuisse1912 has granted us a wonderful oportunity by coming to Arcana in order to show off his creations. Discover fragments of Tolkien's universe made through passion and talent combined.

This expo will be available for all Arcana visitors during  the entire festival.

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The Lord of the Rings Illuminated Manuscripts

The work of Arnaud Hosse is simply magical! We have the pleasure of hosting his work at Arcana this year. His illuminated manuscripts, and work on Tolkiens maps as well as all of his creations are unique and will transport you to Middle Earth.

This expo will be available for all Arcana visitors on Friday and Saturday.

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Cinema photography exhibition

Come and discover the world of cinema through its photographs! We are lucky to receive a collector who will bring us incredible photographs - some original - from universes like Star Wars, Stargate SG-1, Batman or Indiana Jones. You can also meet the person behind this rare collection !

The exhibition is free for visitors and will be open during the 4 days of Arcana.

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Coming soon...

Immerse yourself in the legendary worlds of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World with the immersive exhibition of My & Ky CosplXpo! Get ready for a thrilling experience in Arcana, where My & Ky CosplXpo will transport you to fascinating worlds, filled with majestic dinosaurs and epic adventures. Let yourself be amazed by their impressive cosplays, and their captivating exhibition and settings!
The secret of My & Ky CosplXpo is to combine cosplays, exhibitions, immersive settings and above all, an overflowing passion. Whether you are an unconditional fan of Jurassic Park or simply curious to discover these incredible worlds, this exhibition guarantees you a unique dive into these universes!

The exhibition will be free for visitors.


Coming soon...

Discover an unforgettable temporal adventure with Nico and his exhibition dedicated to the cult trilogy “Back to the Future”! Join us on an exciting journey through time, where Nico will introduce you to iconic items from this legendary saga. Discover the memories and artifacts that have marked the collective imagination in this captivating world of time travel. Don't miss this special exhibition during Arcana and embark on a unique immersive experience that will transport you into the retro-futuristic universe of Marty McFly and Doctor Emmett Brown.
The exhibition is free for visitors.

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