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Jigsaw Puzzle

For the first time at Arcana, we are hosting a real tournament for jigsaw puzzle fans! We have created an ultra limited series of 500 pieces puzzles in the colors of Arcana 2023 and you can try to complete it as quickly as possible to win your place on the podium! Want to participate? Sign up! 


When will the tournament take place?
- The puzzle tournament will take place on Friday August 11 at 7:30 p.m.

Do I have to buy a ticket for Arcana?

- Entrance to Arcana for the day of the tournament is free for everyone who participates in the tournament.

Special rules?

- 1h30 to advance as much as possible. The first person to complete their puzzle wins 1st place. The second person wins 2nd place and so on. 

- If no one has managed to complete the puzzle in time, the number of correctly placed pieces will determine the winner.

- The contest can only be attempted by single people.

How much does participation cost?

- Participation cost is 20.- CHF (to be paid on site in cash to the tournament organizer).

What do we win ?

- Everyone will leave with their puzzle, regardless of the result obtained.

- The 3 winners of the podium will receive their gold, silver or bronze medals to attest to their victory.

I have a question for the tournament organizers?

-Contact us!

Contact Wixoss

Registration Form

Registration received!

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