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Festival regulations

Security measures

Several security measures will be applied throughout the duration of the Arcana festival. These measures will be put in place by the organizers and volunteer members of Arcana and each visitor, exhibitor, facilitator and service provider will be required to strictly comply with them. Any refusal to apply some of these measures, or any behavior aimed at preventing anyone from applying them, may be sanctioned by immediate expulsion from Arcana.

Health security measures

- It is essential that Arcana does not in any way represent a health risk for anyone. Visitors, exhibitors, animators, service providers, volunteers and organizers will therefore be required to adopt responsible behavior and apply all the health security measures put in place at the Arcana festival.

- The health measures requested by the Federal Council and the Canton of Vaud will be strictly applied. Arcana's Protection Plan will further dictate additional measures. These measures will be updated over time and their precise summary will be indicated on the page  

General security measures

- To ensure everyone's safety, bags will be checked at the entrance to the festival.

- Any prohibited or suspicious behavior that you witness or experience should immediately be reported to a member of the Staff Arcana.  

- Any behavior that does not respect these measures or the rules of the festival may be sanctioned by expulsion from the festival as well as the filing of a legal complaint.

- Any expulsion from the festival cannot lead to any refund. Expulsion decisions are final. Personal information (Name, First name, Address) is then requested. A photograph of the expelled person may be taken by members of the Staff Arcana (Volunteers or organizers) for documentation and records. 


These regulations have been decided to allow everyone to have a pleasant time in a safe, healthy and fun environment for both adults and children. These rules apply to organizers and volunteers as well as to exhibitors, animators, service providers and visitors. The festival grounds, where these regulations apply, include the entire surface occupied by the festival (outdoor spaces, indoor spaces, entrance, queues and festival car parks.)

Alcohol in moderation

- It is forbidden to enter the festival grounds with alcohol.

- It is forbidden to consume strong alcohol on the festival grounds.

- It is forbidden to be intoxicated on the festival grounds.

No drugs

- It is strictly forbidden to enter the festival grounds with illegal drugs.

- It is strictly forbidden to have illegal drugs on you inside the festival grounds.

- It is strictly forbidden to consume any form of illegal drug on the festival grounds.

No violence

- Any form of physical violence will not be tolerated within the festival grounds.

- Any form of verbal violence will not be tolerated on the festival grounds.

- No violent threat will be tolerated within the festival grounds.

No theft

- It is forbidden to steal anything from anyone.

No weapons

- It is forbidden to enter the festival grounds with bladed or blunt weapons. (For example; knives, swords, sabers, brass knuckles, bat, telescopic baton, etc.)

- It is forbidden to enter the festival grounds with firearms, even dismantled. (Airsoft or Paintball type weapons are also prohibited.)

- Any disguise accessory resembling a weapon must be made of flexible material (cardboard, foam, Worbla, etc.). Metal or hard plastic weapons are prohibited.

- Weapons and replica weapons purchased within the festival grounds must be packed and remain so until you have left the festival grounds.

Respect and honesty

- Respect for things: it is forbidden to touch, break or damage any object that does not belong to you.

- Respect for others: it is forbidden to disrespect anyone inside the festival. Any discriminatory language is prohibited.

- Sexual harassment: any inappropriate behavior is strictly prohibited within the festival grounds. Are considered unsuitable:

- Inappropriate photographs / jokes / comments of a sexual nature or not consented to are considered inappropriate.

- Touching or grabbing anyone without prior consent may be considered inappropriate.

- Giving gifts of a sexual or non-consented nature may be considered inappropriate.

- Standing too close together or sticking to a person may be considered inappropriate.

- Honesty: it is forbidden to cheat in games and competitions taking place on the festival grounds. It is also forbidden to lie or falsify information, especially at the festival ticket office.

Liste Objets Interdits

List of prohibited items

It is forbidden to enter the festival with:

- Weapons (bladed weapons, firearms, replicas, etc.). Only costume accessories made of flexible material (cardboard, foam, Worbla, etc.) are authorized.

- Alcohol (any type of alcohol is prohibited. You can nevertheless buy it at the festival).

- Illegal drugs.

- Explosives and dangerous substances.

Photos and videos at Arcana

If you want to take a picture of a person or a stand at Arcana, you must first ask the person or person responsible for the stand for permission. It is forbidden to film the animations at Arcana as well as the shows and conferences.

By entering the Arcana premises, you agree to have your photo taken by the Arcana staff and that these images be disseminated for advertising or communication purposes by the Arcana Association or its media partners.

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