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The Reverse Burn association, supported by our sponsor - Tanigami - does us the honor of organizing the very first Shadowverse Arcana tournament. Many of its players will compete in the Arena to win Arcana's first Shadowverse Cup. Want to try your luck ? Sign up!


When will the tournament take place?
- The Shadowverse tournament will take place on Saturday August 12 from 6 p.m.

Do I have to buy a ticket for Arcana?

- Entrance to Arcana for the day of the tournament is free for everyone who participates in the tournament.

Special rules?

- For any rule questions, please contact the organizers directly.

How much does participation cost?

- Participation in costs is 15.- CHF (to be paid on site to the tournament organizer).

I have a question for the tournament organizers?

- The ideal is to contact them byinstagram. You can alsosend an email.

Contact Wixoss
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Registration received!

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