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Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament

The Will of Neptunia association, supported by our sponsor - Tanigami - is pleased to organize the second edition of the Yu-Gi-Oh! of Arcana. Many players will compete in the Arena to win the Arcana Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament. Want to try your luck? Sign up!


When will the tournament take place?
- The Yu-Gi-Oh! Arcana Tournament will take place on Saturday August 12 from 10:00 am.

Do I have to buy a ticket for Arcana?

- Entrance to Arcana for the day of the tournament is free for everyone who participates in the tournament.

Special rules?

- The tournament is in the classic Swiss round and the Decklist is compulsory.

How much does participation cost?

- Participation in costs is 25.- CHF (to be paid on site to the tournament organizer).

I have a question for the tournament organizers?

- The ideal is to contact them by instagram or by Facebook. You can also send an email.

Contact Yu-Gi-Oh!

Will of Neptunia

Association of TCG (Yu-Gi-Oh!/FoW/Weiss/etc) and video game (Ff14/Lol/ect) players

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Registration Form

If you don't have a Player ID, you can contact the tournament organizers via Instagram, Facebook or email for support.

Registration received!

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