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Artificial intelligence at Arcana

What is artificial intelligence and why is it relevant to Arcana?

The world is changing at lightning speed and many new technologies are emerging. Some bring us a lot of good, others are dangerous. Artificial intelligence is changing the world, frightening, and fascinating... all at the same time. 

What is artificial intelligence (or AI)?

Programs or machines with the function to simulate the intelligence of a human being. The applications of this technology seem limitless and allow impressive innovations, especially in the field of medicine, media and industry.

Why would this concern Arcana?

Softwares (such as Dall-E)  have been developed in recent years to allow the creation of illustrations that look remarkably similar to the work of artists. Others allow you to write stories, from simple short stories to novels. These technologies are imperfect at the moment but are improving at lightning speed. Today, it is becoming more and more impossible to tell the difference between a work made by a human being or by a machine. 


This concerns Arcana for several reasons, in particular because many of our exhibitors suffer very directly from these new technologies. Many artists today are afraid of seeing their career disappear or protest that there isn't a legal framework around AI. Many of our visitors want to be sure that they are buying creations made by the hands of an artist and not an AI.

We have also always wanted Arcana to serve as a platform for exchange and discussion. The art world as it has always existed is changing and it is essential to be informed and to exchange information in order to better prepare for the future.

What is Arcana's stance on Artificial Intelligence?

Arcana must be a place of discovery, free exchange and passion. We are committed to highlighting and helping everyone working in the field of fantasy and wonder. We have therefore decided not to close our eyes to the dangers of AI while trying to encourage everyone to take an interest in it to better understand this new technology. We have therefore decided to take the following measures:

The sale of products created through artificial intelligence software will be prohibited at Arcana 2023.

To protect our community of traditional artists during this difficult transition, we have decided to prohibit the sale of any products generated partially or entirely via AI.

The exhibition of works made with AI software will be allowed but must be indicated.

We are convinced that to better learn to live with this technology, it is important to be able to realize what it is capable of. This is why we will allow exhibitors to use AI-generated illustrations as a decorative element at their booth. These elements must be clearly indicated as having been generated by this type of software.

Conferences on AI will be organized.

Finally, we decided to organize conferences on artificial intelligence in Arcana. We will be inviting people who are experts in fields that are related to AI or directly impacted.

Finally, here's what the ChatGPT AI has to say about these new technologies:

ChatGPT: "Ultimately, the relationship between AI-generated art and traditional art is complex, and it's likely that the two will coexist and even collaborate in the future, rather than one replacing the other."

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